The Reality of Free Will and the Hope of Sovereignty

Man’s free will and God’s ultimate sovereignty. Are there any two topics further discussed within the church and theology? They are two subjects that are seen throughout Scripture, creating a seemingly constant tension within our finite and mortal understanding. Yet, within these latest chapters of 1 Samuel, I believe we see these two topics coincide … More The Reality of Free Will and the Hope of Sovereignty

Waiting with Hope

How do we have hope when our prayers go unanswered, our desires go unmet, and our circumstances do not change? How do you continue to pray when you feel forgotten, left out or unheard? Each of us has either been in, is currently enduring, or will soon face a season of waiting. I remember my years … More Waiting with Hope

God is Faithful

Reading the book of Joshua, I have been reminded once again that our God is a mighty warrior and He is always faithful. He calls us to follow after Him, turn away from the idols of our hearts, and love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind. The concluding chapters in this book describe … More God is Faithful

Our Mighty Warrior

How are you feeling this January? Is January a time of year for new beginnings and looking at the next 12 months with hope and expectation? Or are you having difficulty waking in the mornings? Do the cold and dreary days, following the fullness of December, leave you worn out or downcast wondering where your … More Our Mighty Warrior