A Sign Shall Be Given

We live in a world with lots of signs. There are directional signs, informational signs, and way-finding signs. Each day we depend on signs in the grocery store (looking for the soup aisle), driving down the street (the all important stop sign), and along the highway (watching for the correct exit sign). Yes, signs help … More A Sign Shall Be Given

Live Different.

A recent sermon really kicked my rear. Listening to it was a mix of good: a desire to do better, enthusiasm to propel me forward, conviction of sin. And bad: realizing I totally missed the boat on that one and…I’m not even sure I want to do better. The sermon pinpointed how I long for … More Live Different.

It’s Dark in Here

“Grammie, please turn on the night light. It’s dark in here.” Absolutely. I’m happy to turn on the night light for our grandson. We have a heavenly Father who is a loving parent, and hears our troubled cries in our times of distress. In those dark places we can experience His light. I’ve taken time … More It’s Dark in Here