To Make Straight

Sometimes as I read Proverbs, my mind turns towards its human author. It is painful to think of Solomon’s history, beginning as a man who asks God for wisdom over wealth, then later amassing women and materials to a destructive end. I read the very first few, beautiful verses and feel a dissonance: “The proverbs … More To Make Straight

Psalm 37

So, I read a lot of books. And I blaze through them. I have to reread them to experience the details. Why do I do this?? Because I have to know the ending. I don’t want to know it up front, because then the getting-there part is no fun. Once I start, however, I have … More Psalm 37

Snapshots of God

These days, most of us carry a camera in our pockets or purses—our cell phones have created a world where selfies, animal videos, and food pictures are ubiquitous. It’s strange to remember when every waking moment wasn’t catalogued and viewed by Facebook friends and Twitter followers. We take thousands of pictures, and while most remain … More Snapshots of God