Out of Nothing

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep….


I remember lying in my bed at night as a child, trying to fathom the mysteries of the beginning and the end, of Genesis and Revelation. Trying to understand how there could have been a time when there was only darkness, and God.in_the_beginning_god-title-3-still-4x3 Trying to wrap my brain around the concept of a God for whom there was no beginning and no end, and yet who is the beginning and end of everything. Eternity is still an impossible reality for my finite mind to grasp.


Genesis is the book of beginnings—the Greek translation literally means “origins.” We find our source, our roots, written in the pages of the first book of the Bible.


In the beginning, God….


God is graciously aware of our limited ability to understand His eternal presence because we have an origin. We were born, ex nihilo, “out of nothing.” God spoke light out of the nothingness of darkness. He made land and stars and plants and sun and fish and moon and animals and trees and birds—all with nothing more than His words. He is our Creator, Elohim.


God made us out of nothing. The whole Bible is a true story of how God makes life out of nothingness, how He takes darkness and makes it light. He redeems emptiness and brokenness and makes purpose and beauty. But for us, it all begins in Genesis. Our roots are planted in the Garden of Eden, when God lovingly creates man in His own image, and lives intimately with Adam and Eve until they choose a counterfeit wisdom over the Wise One.


In thousands of years since that moment, and in the thousands of pages of the Bible after Genesis, we all groan and yearn and struggle to go back to the garden of real knowledge and fellowship. Mankind’s journey began with God’s Word and is recorded in His Word.


Let’s read Genesis together during the month of March, focusing on El Olam, the God of Eternity, the Everlasting God. He is our beginning, the beginning. Let’s refocus our hearts and minds on our Creator.

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