Plugging into God’s Word

Heights.  Oi.  They don’t like me and I don’t really care for them either.  That wasn’t always the case.  As a child, I had no problem with ‘em; I’d climb trees, walk near the edge of a cliff, ride freakishly high rides at amusement parks.

As I’ve gotten older though, my understanding of the law of gravity has greatly increased.  Things that go up, must come down…or something like that :-). disciplined_grace-title-3-still-4x3It’s a truth I base decisions on, like, whether or not to climb up on a roof.  You know, basic day-to-day decisions of a stay at home mom.

We all base our decisions on something.  What do you base your decisions on?  Is your base line truth or myth?

Pause for just a moment on that thought. I’d like to show you how to read through the Bible with Brenda, Monet, and myself, here at Women of the Word.

In depth Bible study is one of those things that can get put on the back burner because

1.) We don’t have time for it
2.) We don’t have a current Bible study we’re going through
3.) We don’t know how to do it on our own
4.) We’re just plain scared to try it on our own!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  God has placed the Holy Spirit within each of us. Thus, we have the ability to read and study the Bible for ourselves.  How cool is that?  There is definitely a time and place for Bible studies led by other people.  But it is so important that we all develop the ability to dive into God’s word ourselves.

As you begin reading through the schedule each day, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to you through the word. Next, verse by verse, write a paraphrase of each verse.  In a couple places you can see that I combined verses.  That’s okay.  After you’re done, look for key words, phrases, or ideas that are repeated.

Once you see a repeated phrase or some other pattern, ask yourself the following questions, “What is the significance of this?” and “How can I apply this to my life?”

Here is my personal study of 3 John. I’ve taken the Dig Deeper printout from the Month 6 Reading Schedule and written a version of it in my prayer journal. Take a look.


The key words I discovered from 3 John are truth and faithful. The more and more I dug into 3 John I was struck by truth.

  • We are to walk by truth
  • We are to work in truth
  • We are to be spoken well of by the truth

Next I asked myself, “What is truth?” Looking at scripture to interpret scripture, John 14:6 says that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Thus, I can conclude that Jesus’ teaching, ministry…basically anything he said including Jesus telling the disciples that the Holy Spirit will be given to all believers, and thus, anything Spirit led and had written in the Bible…is truth.

Then I asked myself, “What is the significance of truth and how can I apply truth to my life?”

Something striking from 3 John was verse 12. Here, Demetrius is “spoken well of by everyone—even by the truth itself.” Wow. How do you get the Word of God to speak well of you??? I want that.

I should live so in line with the truth that nothing I do negates it.  That I’m so intimately aware of God’s truth that I live in complete agreement with it.

Am I doing that? Does my life reflect that I believe God’ word to be truth? Fact? Worth basing my every decision on…much like I base the decision of whether or not to climb a roof because gravity will induce a potentially painful fall???

So there you have it. A glimpse into one way to plug into God’s word and make it come alive. Your study will not be the same as mine because the Holy Spirit wants to speak to you in the places you need to hear. That’s the complete beauty of it.

Are you digging into God’s word on a daily basis? Applying the truths you are learning? If not, will you take the plunge and commit to finishing June with us? Commit to July with us too! I guarantee the Holy Spirit will not leave you in the same place you started! Tell us how the Holy Spirit is teaching you in the comments below. We’d love to hear how he is moving you!


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