Time Away With God

Let’s go on a retreat – just a mini retreat. Time to get away from the normal, daily routine of life. To spend some time alone or with close friends. While I might desire to take time for a retreat, I can’t always find time in my schedule or money in the budget to travel to an isolated cabin in the woods or beside a beautiful lake. But over the past 15 years, I’ve seen the value of creating my own retreats – just to spend some quality time with the Lord. These mini retreats fill my heart and mind, refresh my soul, and strengthen me for the coming days and weeks.


My retreats look a little different each time. Sometimes I just go to my bedroom and spend 1 or 2 hours alone. Other times, I’ve gone to a park, set up my folding chair, and spent an afternoon with the Lord. One time, two friends joined me for an overnight hotel stay (less than 12 hours because of our busy family schedules). We shared our life stories with each other, prayed and sang together.

This past Sunday afternoon, I took a mini spiritual retreat. It was long overdue and I knew that I needed some focused time of quiet, Bible reading, and prayer. I focused on Psalm 25 and poured over these verses. I took the time to write out the chapter, looking more closely for key words and phrases. Next, I began looking for some attributes of God. My heart welled up with gratitude for the almighty God I love and serve. What a time of refreshment and encouragement!

Psalm 25 revealed some of these truths about the Lord:IMG_20160810_103609939

He is Jehovah – the One who possesses all authority.

He is faithful.

He is omniscient.

He is full of grace. He is gracious.

He is merciful.

He is love.

He is good.

He is the God who sanctifies me.

He is sovereign.

He is my refuge.

He is trustworthy.

Following this time on Sunday with the Lord, my heart felt peaceful and strengthened. It is usually such a mental struggle for me to schedule time away with God because I think that I’m extra busy and my To Do List is too long.


But the Lord amazes me after I take time to quiet my soul and focus on Him! It is always time well spent and I receive encouragement for my walk with God.


And so, I’d like to invite you to schedule a mini retreat with God. Sing some of your favorite worship songs, select a psalm or other passage of scripture, and spend time in prayer. Design and create your own personal retreat – make it your own. Then, let me know how the Lord blessed you during your very own “Time Away with God.”

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