When Walls Are Good

There’s an alluring beauty to the shamrock green, patchwork fields of Ireland. But past the beauty, lies utility. The soil on the Aran Islands, one of the most famous places to view these, is littered with rocks. The people needed to clear the land in order to farm. Likewise, they needed a way to differentiate … More When Walls Are Good

Dear Friends

I love this book. I need to heed it better, of course, but James just cuts through to the marrow in every chapter, yet in a way that convicts us without shaming us. When we read it we feel a deep sense of God’s beautiful goodness; his instruction reflects God’s character. Excitement and passion about the … More Dear Friends

Faith on Trial

Life is filled with many different kinds of trials. I have a couple of friends who broke ankles or wrists this summer. Their broken bones needed to be repaired surgically, the casts and crutches were uncomfortable, and now they are spending hours each week in physical therapy to gain back strength and mobility.  This is … More Faith on Trial