Thankful for You

Do you have a list of people who have impacted, changed, and shaped your life? A couple of faces pop into my mind immediately when I consider this question. Mrs. Vera Ellenberger was my piano teacher for 10 years. Mr. Jerry Reeves was my boss when I worked at Dallas Seminary Foundation. Have you thought … More Thankful for You

Prayer Practice

By the time you read this there’s a good chance I will be on a plane to Alaska. This is not your average vacation trip. This is a move-your-family-across-the-continent trip. God has made it clear to my husband and me that this is His will for us. It is both exciting and scary. This move … More Prayer Practice


When am I in the midst of something – whether it is a task or a relationship – and things aren’t going well, my first thought is usually along the lines of, “Maybe this isn’t what God wants for me…Maybe I made the wrong choice…” Last year I studied Nehemiah with a group of wise … More Opposition