Peter’s Story

Peter’s personal story is a significant one. He was called from his life as a fisherman to follow Christ as an apostle; early on he was set apart. Jesus changed his name, Simon, to Peter, “the rock” and told him that the church would be built upon him (Matthew 16). He was the first to … More Peter’s Story

One Another

Late Monday afternoon, I stopped by the grocery store to get some bananas. There were so many people inside. I smiled and thought to myself, “It must be Christmas Eve.” Wrong. It was Valentine’s Eve. Oh my! I walked up and down a few aisles just to see what people were buying. The card aisle … More One Another

Called to Holiness

My eating habits. My speech. These are just a couple things that have gotten out of hand. I didn’t intend for it that to happen. Slowly and over time, however, I made a few concessions here and there and what do you know? I need to repent and start afresh. But who wants to eat a … More Called to Holiness

Come Lord Jesus

When I was a young-adult/new-believer and heard people wish for Jesus to hurry up and come again, I would think Not yet! I want to get married, have kids, experience life! Wait until I really grow up please Jesus. Even in my early twenties I was aware this was a misguided and self-centered thought, but … More Come Lord Jesus