Consider Christ

My family attended a wonderful church when I was growing up. Our pastor, Doc Hauser, was an expository preacher. I loved listening to the details and benefitted from the richness of digging deep into the Word. During my high school years, he worked his way through the book of Hebrews. We went word by word, … More Consider Christ

Glossy-Eyed Prophecies

I’m not too big on philosophy or theories about this or that.  However, in one of my education classes in college, I learned about the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  This theory stuck with me.  The basic gist is all people are intelligent in some form or fashion.  There are nine categories of intelligence: musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, … More Glossy-Eyed Prophecies

The God of Heaven

Our family moved to Garland, Texas in January and we needed to enroll our first and second grade sons in school. I went to the elementary school office but I received some disheartening news. There was room for our second grade son but our first grade son would have to ride a bus across town … More The God of Heaven