A Promise Fulfilled

Reading through the allotment of the Promised Land made me want to skip another chapter.  Is that too honest?  Maybe you thought the same thing?  But despite my human tendencies, my gracious Father showed me two lessons through these chapters:

map1.) God fulfills his promises

2.) God cares about details

At first glance, this map may not seem all that special.  It shows the Promised Land divided among the tribes, albeit with poor color coordination.  (Come on, four shades of green and a bunch of tan/yellow!?!?)  But if you turn away too fast, like I almost did, you miss something great…a promise fulfilled.

For hundreds of years, Abraham’s descendants waited to receive the land of Cannan promised to them in Genesis 12:7.  And this is it.  Suddenly this map with ill-chosen colors…is…beautiful.

As you read through the distribution of the land, scripture lays out each tribe’s boundary with great care.   “The third lot came up for Zebulun according to its clans:

The boundary of their inheritance went as far as Sarid.  Going west it ran to Maralah, touched Dabbesheth, and extended to the ravine near Jokneam.  It turned east from Sarid toward the sunrise to the territory of Kisloth Tabor and went on to Daberath and up to Japhia.” ~ Joshua 19:10-12

Blog_524Pondering why God included this led me to a few thoughts, one of which was this: God cares deeply about the tribes allotment, so much so that he cares all the way down to a ravine, the direction of the sunrise, and probably down to the blade of grass which separates one tribe from another.  If he cares about that, then he cares about every tiny detail in your life too.

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly.  He delights in every detail of their lives.” ~ Psalm 37:23

God is directing your steps like he directed the Israelites, creating a beautiful masterpiece out of your life, one detail at a time.

Map by Malus Catulus.  See license here.

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