Grieving Lessons

Most of the world had no idea the level of pain my Dad faced on a daily basis. I doubt even I grasped what he went through. Over 15 years ago, Dad started a slow descent into debilitating back health. The past few years he spent hardly any time out of the house because the … More Grieving Lessons

A Mighty Fortress

Have you ever stood and withheld the majesty of something larger than yourself? For instance, have you stood at the base of a mountain, or a tree towering hundreds of feet above you? Or have you beheld a centuries’ old cathedral or skyscraper that took your breath away? I recently returned from a trip to … More A Mighty Fortress

My Cup of Blessing

Do you remember your first cup of coffee? I sure do. I had graduated from college – that’s right, I made it through college without drinking coffee. Gasp! I was teaching at a Christian Academy in Philadelphia and my friend, Lucy, decided it was time for me to begin drinking coffee. I smile as I … More My Cup of Blessing