Set Apart

Have you ever received a letter or email from a friend you know loves you, but the message made you uncomfortable because it reproached your current attitude, a recent decision you made, or commented on a lifestyle you are living? Most of us can think of at least one of those letters or even a … More Set Apart

Follow the Pattern

Growing up, I would spend one or two weeks each summer with my grandparents at their home in rural Pennsylvania. There was one fabulous room in the upstairs of their large home where I spent a good amount of time. During the school year my grandmother traveled around this small county and taught Bible classes … More Follow the Pattern

Faithful Enough?

How good are you at keeping promises? Have you ever broken a promise? Have you said you would do something and forgotten or failed to follow through? How would you rate your integrity or faithfulness factor on a scale of 0-10? Exodus is a book all about Faithfulness. It is about the faithfulness of God … More Faithful Enough?

He Provides

In my life, I’ve experienced a great deal of joy and happiness, but also deep sorrow and pain. It seems like I’ve had my fair share of hardship in life – maybe that seems true for you as well. In my thirty-seven and a half years, miscarriage, death of family members, near death of my … More He Provides

Life with Purpose

Have you ever tried to keep a baby quiet or get a little one to stop crying? It seems like a pretty impossible task. You may have observed a young mother trying to calm or distract her infant in church or at a restaurant. Sometimes it works but other times that baby is just going … More Life with Purpose