His Grace is Sufficient

When Paul went to Corinth, he preached in the synagogue for about 18 months (50-51 AD). The new fledgling church was birthed from the synagogue ministry and corrupt and sinful people were receiving the free gift of eternal life. “With its cultural diversity, wealth, paganism and infamous debauchery, Corinth was perhaps not the place onlookers … More His Grace is Sufficient

Undeserved Love

Years ago, a dear friend shared a book with me that touched my heart forever. It was a Christian fiction novel about a couple with a very challenging marriage. In this marriage, the husband was faithful and loving, while the wife was an adulterous prostitute with a broken past. I didn’t know it at the time, … More Undeserved Love

A Shepherd from Tekoa

The book of Amos, like most prophetic books, is comprised of messages of judgment and messages of blessing. Judgment comes when we live life our own way and seek pleasure over God’s purposes for us. Blessing comes when we “Seek the Lord” (5:4, 6, 14) and live according to His ways. Amos was a “herdsman” … More A Shepherd from Tekoa