A Difficult Calling

Do the Old Testament pages in your Bible stick together? Do you gravitate toward the shorter, more practical books found in the New Testament? I totally understand. It is easy to get lost and confused when I try to read any of the Major Prophets and so my tendency is to avoid those books. However, … More A Difficult Calling

Abundant Generosity

My outward love language is the giving of gifts. I absolutely love to give gifts – from wrapped gifts or sending care packages in the mail to taking food to neighbors to just giving my time to others. I don’t say this to boast, but more to share a little of who I am. Anyone … More Abundant Generosity

Broken Pieces

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about sin, and what it truly means in my life. My pastor once used an illustration of a newborn baby to describe it. This newborn was beautiful, loved by his parents and family, wrapped in a delicate soft blanket. He had ten perfect fingers and ten perfect … More Broken Pieces