What’s Your Choice?

Imagine this. God of the universe, who created the world and everything in it, asks you what you want. God is willing to give it to you. Anything you want. Hmmm.

Would you ask for wealth and financial security in order to provide for your family and give to the needy? Maybe you have a sick loved one and would ask Him to heal that person. Maybe you’ve been discouraged with the physical appearance of your body and would ask for beauty and confidence? Blog 7

This is exactly what happened to King Solomon. Two different books tell us the same story. Solomon loved the Lord, and he had offered Him one thousand burnt offerings on the altar at Gibeon. In a dream, the LORD appeared to Solomon and said, “Ask what you wish Me to give to you” (1 Kings 3:5). Surprisingly, Solomon did not ask for riches or a long life. Instead he asks the LORD for wisdom and knowledge (2 Chronicles 1:10). He wants a wise and discerning heart to be able to judge His people. God is so pleased with Solomon’s request that He not only grants wisdom and knowledge, but also gives him what he did not ask for, including riches, wealth, and honor (2 Chronicles 1:12). Solomon went on to become the wisest man that ever lived.

As we continue our study this summer, our next book to read is Proverbs. It is believed that it was written by Solomon and other wise men. We can be grateful for Solomon’s request for wisdom because it benefits us today. We, too, can live righteous lives thanks to his advice passed down through generations.

Let me just tell you, you are in for a treat! I know I say this often about books of the Bible, but this one really is one of my favorites! It’s always been because it’s easy to jump into any chapter and glean wise nuggets and learn something new. As a matter of fact, when I’m in between studies or don’t have enough time to dig deep, I read the proverb of the day. Due to this, I’ve probably read each of the thirty-one proverbs many, many times!

In its very first chapter, Proverbs clearly tells us these are the proverbs of Solomon and gives us the reasons why he is sharing them with us. Some of these reasons are:

“To know wisdom and instruction, to discern sayings of understanding, to receive instruction in wise behavior, righteousness, and equity.” ~Prov 1:1-3 

In verse seven, the book tells us the fear of the LORD is the beginning of all knowledge, and we will continue to see this as a theme throughout the entire book. Proverbs is a sort of “rule book” for living a godly life of honesty, justice, love, and overall right living. You will find a variety of topics sprinkled in its thirty-one chapters. Among them, wisdom, morality, wickedness, life and conduct, and warnings and instructions.

Think of Proverbs as a box of delicate chocolates, each different in their own way. Some are sweet, some can be salty, and others are truly sour or bitter. However, as we bite into each of these chocolate treats we can be sure we are learning more about God’s heart and His wisdom we can apply in our own lives. I’m excited for each of us as we savor these bits of knowledge and pieces of wisdom! May the LORD bless you and shape your heart to be more like His through these simple Proverbs.

Please feel free to share your favorite if you have one. Mine is Proverbs 31, which includes the description of a worthy woman. She is an example of what I desire for my life. She will be your last chocolate to devour, and maybe you will agree with me that God saved the best for last! Happy reading!

We encourage you to take some time alone with your heavenly Father. Seek His guidance and leading for this day. Ask Him to prepare your heart for this next Bible reading in the book of Proverbs. For your worship time, you may enjoy listening to:


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