God is Faithful

Reading the book of Joshua, I have been reminded once again that our God is a mighty warrior and He is always faithful. He calls us to follow after Him, turn away from the idols of our hearts, and love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind. The concluding chapters in this book describe … More God is Faithful

Love on Display

Over 30 years ago, our family Christmas celebration included the birth of our youngest son. We attended concerts and dinner parties with our infant son in tow. He was “baby Jesus” in the Christmas program that year, and thankfully, he slept through the entire program. I especially treasure one picture we have of him looking … More Love on Display

It’s Broken

A few months ago, I was cooking dinner in our kitchen and the plate I was going to put the food on slipped out of my hand, and fell to the countertop. You are probably thinking, “Oh no! The plate broke.” I wish the plate would’ve shattered into one hundred pieces! Instead, the plate hit … More It’s Broken

Fellowship & Love

Have you experienced the blessing of spending time with friends – perhaps in your ABF or Life Group? These conversations can be encouraging and minister deeply to our hearts. I also love those informal gatherings when a group of friends spends time together. Recently, we spent an evening with friends and all of us took … More Fellowship & Love

Lips, Tongue, Words

Children are very entertaining. Their smiles, laughter, words, and silly faces bring delight to those who are watching. Recently we have seen numerous photos of two famous children—Prince George and Princess Charlotte—and the captions give hints about the words spoken or the meaning of their facial expressions. A few months ago, one photo of Princess … More Lips, Tongue, Words


Do you have a summer project list? Some friends are cleaning out closets, organizing the kids’ toys, painting the front porch, and creating a new patio. Projects require our attention and focus. We are able to use our gifts, talents, and creativity as we work to complete our project. It is gratifying to sit back … More Masterpiece

Am I Listening?

Growing up in the northern mountains of Pennsylvania, my brothers and I would play outside after school each day. We had a large backyard and beyond that was a thickly wooded hillside. Various friends would show up and we would play games or run around in the woods. When it was time for dinner, my … More Am I Listening?