Love on Display

Over 30 years ago, our family Christmas celebration included the birth of our youngest son. We attended concerts and dinner parties with our infant son in tow. He was “baby Jesus” in the Christmas program that year, and thankfully, he slept through the entire program. I especially treasure one picture we have of him looking … More Love on Display

You Are My Joy

I sit here writing on my couch in view of our first dainty Christmas tree that my husband and I got for our first Christmas together just last year. It was actually a hand-me-down from my mother and was intended to be an outdoor decoration. It stands 3 feet tall, its branches are scarce, and … More You Are My Joy

The Promise of Peace

What does this time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas do to your spirit? Are you frenetic about your unending to-do lists, gifts to buy, additional events and gatherings to attend? Are you anxious about having the perfectly decorated home, maintaining familial harmony, or hiding those darn elves every night? Or maybe you are lonely … More The Promise of Peace

The Hope of Christmas

Christmas time has always been my favorite. For weeks leading up to Christmas, store advertisements and television commercials are covered in sparkle and glitter. Christmas carols play non-stop, the aroma of pine trees and cinnamon fill the air, and we bake our favorite cookies to enjoy with hot cocoa. The anticipation and hope for Christmas … More The Hope of Christmas

It’s Broken

A few months ago, I was cooking dinner in our kitchen and the plate I was going to put the food on slipped out of my hand, and fell to the countertop. You are probably thinking, “Oh no! The plate broke.” I wish the plate would’ve shattered into one hundred pieces! Instead, the plate hit … More It’s Broken

The Day of the Lord

Have you ever anticipated a special day in your life? As a child,maybe it was your birthday. As a teenager, maybe you couldn’t wait for the dayyou would get your driver’s license. We seem to think that there is a magicalday in our future that will bring us happiness.  When this happens, then I’ll be … More The Day of the Lord

Consider Your Ways

Haggai is one of those books where you really wish you had some giant timeline of Jewish history at hand to help you piece together everything going on. Well lucky for you, this blogger is also a visual learner who needs to see things in order to understand them. In case you are the same, … More Consider Your Ways

Wake-Up Call

Pressures, demands, expectations, and tasks push in from all sides and assault our schedules.  Do this! Be there! Finish that! Call them! It seems as though everyone wants something from us—family, friends, employer, school, church, clubs. Soon there is little left to give, as we run out of energy and time. We find ourselves rushing … More Wake-Up Call